Citizen Watch in a bomb explosion in Cibubur

Jakarta -Bomb discharge at Dravidian Wisata, Cibubur, drawing attention of local people. Residents analyse the assail sites have today been presented a personnel distinction and were examined by the Forensic team.

Hundred that the eld of children and mothers huddled right the personnel distinction that is settled 50 meters from the positioning of the assail exploded in the realty empty, Colony Block, City Tours, Cibubur, Bogor, on Friday (03/18/2011).

5 mortal body of the Police Headquarter Forensic Forensic and act vests marked Gegana teams totaling 30 grouping are ease examining the rest of discharge .

Gegana split up, there are hairdressing vacant realty with metal detectors at whatever locations where the assail detonated.

The collection was institute by a sweeper in front of the Cluster Monaco, Dravidian Wisata, Bogor, not far from the electrical transformer at 09.00 am.

Officers went to the place to analyse things like a box enwrapped in boxes of fast noodles and enwrapped in black impressible bags. In the collection there is cursive ‘It Bomb’ and the Latin lettering ‘Allahu akbar’. There is also the Semite playscript is not clear. The assail exploded before tamed Gegana team.

(Aan / NRL)

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