David Beckham ready to help with tsunami relief

Legendary soccer player David Beckham, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, is ready to raise funds to help the victims of the tsunami tragedy that hit Japan overnight.

"I will lend my support in any way possible," said Beckham, who was named to that position in 2005 and helped raise funds for the relief effort the last time a tsunami hit that area of the world. "This devastation has hit so many families. Unfortunately, these international tragedies are happening all the time. My heart goes out to those people."

As a non-profit humanitarian agency funded entirely by voluntary contributions, UNICEF provides as much support as possible to children who are victims of natural disasters.

And that's something close to Beckham's heart.
Beckham, who has three boys and a girl on the way with wife Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham in July, wanted to spend some time Friday to talk about how sports can help at a time like this.

"Obviously, they right now are dealing with the loss of their homes and belongings, but then I think it's time to raise the hopes and morale of people who are dealing with this tragedy," said Beckham, who plays for the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy, which opens the 2011 season next week. "I've always said the game of soccer and watching other sports takes your mind off certain things. That's the power of sports."

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