David Beckham: We Assumed We Were Having a Boy

David Beckham: We Assumed We Were Having a Boy

International soccer star David Beckham has revealed he and wife Victoria Beckham initially thought they were having a boy, but got some big news when they found out that their fourth child was going to be their first girl!

The 35-year-old told KIIS FM radio host Ryan Seacrest that he and Posh are both elated about the news - but hadn't expected it after doctors told them to expect another son.

Becks told Seacrest, "It�s something we obviously hoped for, but obviously when you have a baby, [the biggest concern is] it�s healthy and everything�s good with the mom. But when you have three boys, you just kind of assume you�re going to have another one."

The LA Galaxy hunk also talked about his future in soccer in light of his Galaxy contract having a quickly approaching expiration date. He told, "I haven�t thought about what I�m going to do - whether or not I�m going to continue to play, which I think I will because I think I can still play at the top level. I still love the game as I did when I was 21-years-old, so there�s no reason to stop yet.�

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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