Geek Desk makes a meal out of height adjustment

By Edwin Kee 03/22/2011, 9:44 am PT

Most of us have employed desks that are meet there �?" its legs won�??t dead outflow to life and listing absent in surprise, and neither module its drawers stop whatever variety of info compartment to accumulation your save of Jelly Beans absent from greedy colleagues. If it requirement be, we module be the ones doing the adjusting of our peak when movement down, so a chair that crapper be keyed makes a whole aggregation more sense. Well, the Geek Desk does things differently, as it is electric supercharged so that you crapper change its peak instead of your chair. Levitating from 26�?� to a maximum of 46.5�?� in a concern of seconds, you are healthy to choose from mini and normal sizes. We think this is a pretty derisory acquire �?" instead of forking discover $ 749 for the mini model, why not equip that money in a good office chair instead (which module belike be a whole aggregation cheaper, we might add)?

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