The girl with vintage charm

Only a few films old, Sonam Kapoor has already tasted success, courted controversy, ticked off co-stars and celeb writers with her frank comments and has been linked with an actor and a director so far. A lot of water under the bridge for someone so young. At the moment, though, she�s excited about her upcoming film. �I am doing Thank You with Anees Bazmee, who I know from my childhood days. Akshay and Suniel are prompt with their jokes and make me laugh on the sets. Bobby is a shy person.� About her role, she says, �I play the role of Bobby�s wife and along comes a Casanova � Akshay. He keeps flirting with all the heroines in the film.� But  was unwilling to talk about Mausam. Our questions were avoided and the conversation turned into her passion for vintage clothes and sartorial style. She confesses that she pays more importance to looking the way her character should look. �I played de-glam roles in Saawariya and Delhi 6 as that was the demand of the script. But in Aisha I played a fashionable girl so I got the uber-chic look. In my latest film Thank You, my dresses are fashionable, modern yet simple at times. I am not here to wear good clothes and look pretty on screen, but to act. Off screen I am like any other young girl. But I usually appreciate and adhere to a style that is feminine and ethereal.� About her fetish for collecting vintage clothes, Sonam adds, �People collect stamps and coins and stuff, I collect clothes.

 Once a vintage store had a brand called Jaeger. The outfit must have been about 20 years old. It cost me �30. That is like trash money. People who understand its importance will tell you that its value was about �1000-�2000. If you really have an eye for it, you will appreciate it. It�s like collecting art. My mom bought a Sabawala painting about 25 years ago and must have got it for Rs 25,000. Now it is valued at Rs 1.5 crore.� �I preserve these dresses. I have a green Chanel dress that I wore in Aisha. I got it from a store called Frock in New York that sells vintage antique clothes. I had to take such good care of it. I would remove it after every shot because it starts wearing off. My dad was like, �Tum purane kapde kyun pehenti ho?�� Moving on from clothes to men, we ask her about the kind of man she would date. And Sonam speaks her mind instantly, �My man has to be a mix of three things � he needs to be smart, shy and good looking.� When asked what look would she give her co-stars Ranbir Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Abhay Deol, she said, �Ranbir has a sleek and a fit body. I would give him a geeky look. I would definitely dress Akshay in a smart jacket. Abhay is a laid-back guy. I would dress him in casuals because that is what he loves to wear.� We then move on to her female colleagues. There were rumours of friction between Sonam and Deepika Padukone, with Ranbir being a common factor. Are they friends now? �What do you mean friends now? We are from the same field. When we are working together we meet each other and once the film is completed we hardly meet. In fact we are all friends in this industry. Deepika and I came close during Karan Johar�s chat show and we are friends now.� And silence is maintained when we move on to her love life. Sonam is rumoured to be dating MTV VJ Cyrus Sahukar, who was part of the movie Delhi 6, Aisha and Thank You. All we can say is this girl knows how the Bollywood game works and can well reach the top.

Credit : Deccan Chronicle
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