Hotels in Bali Japanese Citizens Get Absorb exodus

Denpasar -The seism followed by wave and the dangers of nuclear radiation crapper drive an flight of Asian citizens. Hotels in island were preparing to stop if the flight of its citizens Sakura occurred.

“With humanitarian grounds, if the flight of Asian citizens foreign to avoid radiation disaster, we wait the welcome industry crapper support our brothers in the grappling of disaster,” said Chairman of the island Tourism Board, Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya told reporters in his office, Jl Raya Puputan Renon, Denpasar, on weekday (18/03/2011).

Wijaya additional that the assistance to be provided is to accommodate the flight of Asian nationals in the hotels to provide special tariff rates. “Assistance as doable to provide special rates. Fee turn we provide to our tourism industry,” said Wijaya.

Wijaya rate hotel industry in island could not release the outlay to the citizens of Nihon who haw be an flight to the island of Gods. Because the hotel management must pay the effective costs. “If games crapper not, because the industry also have a outlay to be paid,” he said.

To aid the process, BTB also appealed to travel agents in island and Nihon as well as the hotel has worked. “If anyone asked for a shack for an exodus, please transmit between hotels and travel agents,” said Wijaya.

BTB’s attractiveness module be forwarded to the hotels spread across Bali. “We just tells it,” said Wijaya.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) island said Mark commodore strongly supports the attractiveness BTB.

“All we module suport. It is rattling needed to get attention from the hotels. Free or not, module be act with the hotel. We module number what assistance could be presented to citizens of Japan,” said Perry.

commodore adds still there was a big Asian arrivals to island significantly. “There was no significant arrivals in past time,” he said.


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