Is Justin Bieber Going Blonde?

Is Justin Bieber Going Blonde?

Justin Bieber Action Press/

Times are hairy for True Beliebers. First Justin Bieber trimmed his famous follicles, messing with the magical 'do that captivated a nation demographic, and now he's going all blonde and curly. Yikes!

Thousands of teens invariably scream for The Biebs�but this time are they screaming in horror?

Nah. It seems that the teen heartthrob was just getting wiggy with it on the German TV show Wetten Dass as a goof, donning a hairpiece to match the mane of the show's host Thomas Gottschalk.

Whew! Our condolences go out to Mr. Gottschalk for having the worst hairdo this side of Donald Trump, but maybe, just maybe, Justin Bieber would look good as a blonde. Let us know if you think so in the comments section.
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