Janice Dickinson Has Harsh Words For Katie Price

Janice Dickinson Has Harsh Words For Katie Price

Awww, Janice Dickinson, why so mean to Katie Price? Oddly enough, I really LIKE her. Every day is Halloween for Katie and she just doesn�t take herself too seriously.

However, Janice doesn�t think she�ll be able to make it in the U.S.
�She came over to me in an airport once, shouting, �Janice! Jancie!� and I thought, �Who is this sycophant?� She was like, �I�m Katie Price aka Jordan.� She was going on about her Botox, teeth and her lips. And I said, �Well, honey, my lips are real!� I thought she looked like a beached tuna.�
A beached tuna? What does that even mean? And why does Janice care whether or not Katie does well in the U.S.?

Do you agree with Janice�s opinions that she�ll be a flop on this side of the pond?






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