Justin Bieber's UK Dinner with the Smiths

Justin Bieber's UK Dinner with the Smiths

Enjoying some downtime with her kids, Jada Pinkett Smith escorted daughter Willow and son Jaden to meet Justin Bieber for dinner in London, England on Tuesday night (March 15).

As you can imagine, the gang drew in a plethora of fans and paparazzi as they made their way into the swanky UK restaurant.

Being the involved mother she is, Jada recently spoke on Willow�s behalf regarding her daughter�s upcoming movie role in the remake of �Annie.�

�We�re still putting the project together putting our feelers out there and figuring out what our team is going to be. But what I will say is that we're really excited about it and were working very hard,� the �Reign Over Me� actress told.

As for the trip to the UK, Willow is currently the opening act for Justin's My World tour efforts.
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