Lindsay Lohan: I Do Not Drink, Period!

Lindsay Lohan: I Do Not Drink, Period!

 Not Drunk For a Change

On the heels of reports that Lindsay Lohan is hitting the bottle (of slightly alcoholic tea) comes a story of her hitting the New York club scene this week.

We're talking about at least two different bars - the super high-end 1-Oak nightclub and the Simyone Lounge - back in her LiLo's East Coast haunts.

Lohan insists, though, that she didn't order a single drink and was not sipping on anything alcoholic. Moreover, she simply doesn't drink. At all. Ever.

Lindsay Lohan tells TMZ matter-of-factly: "I did not drink, period. I do not drink, period."

As for the wisdom of a known substance abuser going to nightclubs whose primary purpose on this earth is to serve booze, that's another story.

"I went to SL with my friend who owns it," was her only explanation for that.

While we believe Lindsay Lohan probably wasn't tanked, this sort of thing just isn't smart for an addict, and won't help with the ol' probation report.

What do you think: Can Lindsay Lohan ever stay clean?

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