Lisa Vanderpump: Camille Grammer "Doing Better"

Lisa Vanderpump: Camille Grammer "Doing Better"

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump was in court today as a witness in a criminal case involving her friend, Robert Kovacik.

That dude was allegedly punched by Roger Telavera in a bloody restaurant melee last year. But mostly, peeps just want an update on Camille Grammer.

Fortunately, she offered one to Radar Online.

�(Camille) is doing better,� Vanderpump said of her fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star: �The only way is up after what she has been through."

So true. Vanderpump, who runs Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, also had words for Charlie Sheen and his self-proclaimed "Odyssey" and "media tsunami."

"It's very sad... when you are a father with young children, I think ultimately you want to set an example for society," Vanderpump said.

Now there's a torpedo of truth for you.

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