MCC: Solidity Kader Not Affected By Joseph Supendi Attacks

Jakarta -Step stomping carpenter Supendi public. PK is also founder of the indication of this PKS open ‘disgrace’ party. VFD responded to the customary course of state Yusuf. Solidity band module not be disturbed.

“Joseph Supendi activity, did not change the consistence of the party,” said DPP chairwoman MCC Public Policy Mustafa Kamal in the advise release on Monday (3/21/2011). Mustafa who is also the Chairman of this FPKS’ve got a inform from the territories, that cadre relic solid. “And believing that what happened meet asperse by those who resent the ontogeny of MCC,” additional Mustafa.

Mustafa explained that the MCC are acknowledged libel trial. MCC did not want to accuse some band as a scapegoat.

“Ordeal or test, God willing, module alter the band cadres as substantially as the MCC for the harder work for the benefit,” said Kamal. carpenter Supendi is co-founder of Justice Party (PK), which is the brute of the Social Justice Party (PKS). To the KPK, he delivered a inform on questionable misapplication of change MCC MCC conducted by senior politicians, Anis Matta.

The turn of money embezzled change PKS Anis Matta, carpenter is believed to Rp 10 billion. That kind of money is part of USD 40 1000000000 that was donated to the MCC Adang Dorodjatun when streaming for Governor of Jakarta in 2007 ago.

To support his report, carpenter Supendi not meet have a letter to the Commissioners. But also a list of names the following witnesses files writing is believed to be evidence of acts of embezzlement.

(NDR / irw)

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