Nicole Scherzinger To Host U.S. X-Factor

Nicole Scherzinger To Host U.S. X-Factor

What exciting news for this Pussycat Doll! Nicole Scherzinger has been handpicked by Simon Cowell to host the U.S. version of X-Factor. Sources say that the deal is just about ready to go through.
�Never has there been so much behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing as with �X Factor� USA. �Having lined up Nicole as a potential judge, Simon decided to try something different and unexpected, and have a non-mainstream presenter present.
�Nicole�s had screen tests and is a natural in front of the camera. Autocue does not faze her at all. As an established singer, both as a solo artist and in a group, Nicole will be great with the contestants and knows what she is talking about.
�The approach was made a few weeks ago. And although she has still not formally signed, it�s all looking very positive.�
I would definitely love to see Nicole in that position. She understands the ups and downs of the industry. However, I�m a little confused about the show on a whole. The concept is just too similar to American Idol.

Simon also wants to sign on Cheryl Cole, but the show�s producers are concerned that she is not well-known enough in the U.S. to have any kind of name/face recognition with viewers.

Quick question � do you know who Cheryl Cole is? Would you like to see her host U.S. X-Factor alongside Nicole?









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