Robert & Kristen's Memorable MTV Smooch

Robert & Kristen's Memorable MTV Smooch

It�s what their fans desired to see, so it comes as no surprise that the awkward onstage kiss between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at last year�s MTV Movie Awards has made MTV�s top five favorite RPattz moments.

In 2009, the actors won their first Best Kiss award and the Edward Cullen actor leaned into the mic and announced that he had to take the gum out of his mouth.

He and his Bella Swan beauty stared at each other as if readying for a kiss, but when they closed their eyes, leaned in, and brushed noses �that's as close as they got before Kristen yelled, "Thank you so much!"

A year later in 2010, the famous couple took the stage once again to accept the same award, yet this time, they actually locked lips, though a bit awkwardly.

Of the not-so-smooth kiss, Pattinson told, "I had the best ideas last night. And I was telling everyone, 'Listen, just leave it to me, I've got it all under control.' I was telling everyone all these ideas. I gave them a whole selection and no one thought they were funny, so then we ended up doing something which didn't work."

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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