Robotic octopus arm mimics the real one

By martyr Wong 03/22/2011, 3:22 pm PT

Robot octopod armSome researchers from Reading University are employed unitedly to create a robotic octopod that they hope module be utilised for underwater dealings much as maintenance, marine salvage, and retrieval of objects same black-box recorders from crashed expose craft. Right now the blazonry of the octopod are being worked on and advancement has been feat well. The researchers hit managed to become up with blazonry that simulate an octopus�??s limb �?" a muscular structure with no skeletal system, which they lined with suckers to help the limb clutch onto things. There�??s ease a daylong way to go before they�??ve got a rank octopod robot, but from what they hit so far, it looks pretty graphic although weak for a battery-powered octopus. Hit the fortuity to watch a recording of the mechanism octopod limb in action:

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