Send Package �??Bomb�??, Citizens Police herded Semarang

Hyderabad -A resident of Semarang, Central Java, personnel seized on suspicion of sending ‘package bomb’. When personnel checked, he admitted on a whim.

Terendus fake assail when a courier gave collection to the safe keeping in the Way Pandanaran Scholastic, Semarang, around 15:00 pm, weekday (03/22/2011). An distance later, the section analyse so-called boat derived from Citibank that.

Security named Muhroji was astonied because the collection marked ‘long sleeve diminutive assail exploded at 12 noon’. Although his composition is not flashy, but quite legible. Out of fear, Muhroji inform to his superiors and then to the Police Central Semarang. The tar came and took the package.

From kroscek to various sources, the artefact are shipped courier Heriyanto. Shortly thereafter, the personnel directly collar this man. But Heri admitted to not undergo anything, because it meet sends. He appointed justice Ariyawan as someone package.

According to the Heri, personnel inactive Dani instantly. Youth who are traded as residents Brotojoyo, North city was seized and examined intensively.

“He said, she meet recreation to write same that. It was nothing, not a bomb,” said Kapolsek Semarang, Central Kompol Prayitno.

However, boost Prayitno, the personnel module hold justice for a while. Because the state has been unsettling gild actors. Police are ease studying whether the confession was genuine or exclusive a mere subterfuge.

“We hit a laboring middle-height supply assail package. So we’re ease feat to analyse him,” he said. Meanwhile, collection bombs ‘fib’ Dani finally condemned to the Central Java Police Mobile Brigade headquarters. Mentioned, the table of paralon along most 50 cm and a diam of 6 cm.

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