SnapKeys unveiled at CTIA

By martyr Wong 03/22/2011, 12:40 pm PT

SnapKeys 2i

The magical book signaling resolution famous as SnapKeys 2i was reported most last month. Not whatever info were presented then, leading a lot of people to believe that it 2i was a gimmick or whatever sort of hoax. Well, at the CTIA this week, SnapKeys hit announced that they module be unveiling to the concern how the 2i works. What was erst a occult website has now been updated to show soured how 2i works, and after watching the recording account �?" it�??s not so magical anymore, but the idea behindhand how it entireness is pretty amazing. The keyboard is separated into 4 buttons, with apiece fix representing a identify of character. It then uses clever algorithms and broad dictionaries, to surmisal the words you are entering. With a touted 99% accuracy for modern users it enables people to identify extremely fast, and it�??s low acquisition curve effectuation that even 5th graders hit no trouble using it. Head over to the SnapKeys website to find discover more most the technology behindhand 2i. They keyboard module be arriving on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices, though it wasn�??t mentioned when or how such it would cost.

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