Sophie Monk reveals why she ended her engagement after 3 months

Australian pop singer Sophie Monk has revealed why her whirlwind engagement ended in a mere three months.

Talking on Kyle and Jackie O Show about her engagement breakdown, the sometime actress opened up on the rational behind her decision to end the romance, reports the Daily Telegraph.

"I went too hard too fast, we both did... I don�t want to talk too much because I feel bad, he (Jimmy Esebag) doesn�t have the microphone."

Monk announced her split from the 51-year old sugar daddy during an interview with US talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Monk and Esebag announced their engagement following a whirlwind three-month romance following Monk''s break up with cosmetic surgeon John Diaz after she found him in bed with another woman.

Monk declared at the time Esebag had given her a "new perspective on life".

A perspective which - after only three months - was obviously shortlived.

Jackie O suggested that Monk might have a tendency to jump in deep too quickly when it comes to men and she quickly agreed, saying:

"I sound like I�m in highschool, I�ve been doing that since I was in about grade three. I just got carried away, I don�t know, it�s not reality LA...and you get a bit excited," she added.
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