To Tie The Knot?

Picking up her romance from reality TV with Ashmit Patel, Veena Malik has decided to buy a house in the city.

Her romance with Ashmit which played out on national TV in Bigg Boss season 4 shocked and amused many. And now after Malik has already been introduced to her rumoured boyfriend's parents and partied with sister Amisha, she has bought a home for herself in Mumbai.

Confirming the news, Veena says she wants a lot of extra rooms in her apartment. Not only for shoes, we are guessing!

She admits Patel is indeed very special to her and she has grown very fond of him. He is undoubtedly the 'most dialed number' on her list.

Wedding bells ringing? To this the actress wittily replies "...marriage is like death, you never know when it strikes."
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